Industrial Track


Doron Friedman – IDC, Israel
Claudia V. Goldman – GM, Israel
Massimo Zancanaro – FBK, Italy
Contact: indtrackchair2014 at


The field of Intelligent User Interfaces is more than an interesting research topic: laying at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction, it has the potential to become the Next Big Thing and revolutionize ICT.

For IUI2014, we aim to involve the industry in the field for the exchange of ideas and for envisioning a shared roadmap for the future of IUI technologies. Specific attention will be granted to startup companies (Israel has been named the “startup nation”).

This initiative will be an opportunity for the researchers in the field to understand the potential impact of their research as well as for the companies involved to receive valuable new ideas, techniques, and professional feedback from the research community. It also provides an opportunity for recruitment and networking.

Submission Guidelines

Contributions are expected in terms of short talks or walk-up demos. Submissions in the form of 1-page expression of interest are welcome before November, 15 2014. The industrial track will not be peer-reviewed but the relevance of proposals for the field will be judged by a jury. Contributions will not be published by ACM. The expressions of interest should contain a short description of the company highlighting the relevance in the field of AI and User Interfaces together with a description of the talk or the demo (up to 400 words). Submissions should be sent to the industrial track chairs. Contact: indtrackchair2014 at