Transportation and Travel

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The International Airport is the Ben Gurion Airport (TLV).

  • The fastest and most reliable form of transportation from Ben Gurion Airport is the train. The ride takes about 70-80 minutes. A train service is available from Ben-Gurion Airport, day and night. Information can be found at Israel-Railways web site, under "Schedules and Fares".
    From station: "Ben Gurion Airport"
    To station: "Hof Ha-Carmel" (first station in Haifa).
  • There is a service taxi or van service (called 'sherut') which departs whenever the car fills up, and takes you to Haifa for a reasonable rate of 115NIS ($30). Van service to Haifa or to Ben-Gurion Airport is provided by a company called "Amal" (Tel. 04-8662324 - 04-8676444) and can take you from the Hotel. Taxies should fill up fairly quickly. The travel time is about 75 minutes. The driver will usually drop-off passengers where-ever they ask in Haifa, so asking a drop-off at the Hotel is a good idea.
  • Private taxis from the airport to Haifa cost $80-100, but can be shared, and the price split, with a fellow participant.
  • Car rentals are cheapest if arranged from abroad. It will take about 75 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel with a rented car.
  • The bus is not very frequent and takes longer. The Egged bus company's website contains more details.

Direction to Dan Carmel Hotel

Address for taxi: 85-87 Hanassi Avenue, Haifa. Once in Haifa, it is recommended to take a taxi to your lodging from the train/bus station, for convenience. Again, a 'sherut' taxi is available (6NIS), or a special taxi can be hired ($15-$24). You may also use directions to Haifa and get a taxi directly to the hotel.

Getting Around

  • Car Rental
  • By Subway- The Carmelit
  • Taxi (Shared – “Sherut” costs like a bus or private)
  • By Bus
  • Some of Haifa’s tourist destinations are within walking distance from the hotel

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